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Friday 03 September, 2010

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I got the hobby cutter and I just love it! So much faster cutting bars, never one of my fav jobs, now just takes a couple seconds! Only thing I'd change, well not change but add on, would be a lock of some sort so you could pick it up by the handle and carry it, right now I've got ribbons on it and tie it shut, not tightly, just enough to hold it closed.
I had it out the other day after cutting soap and it was laying on the table when DS and a friend came in and I heard a pliiiing, DS's friend was strumming it like guitar strings! I nearly came unglued! I told him not to mess with my soap cutter! He said "Soap cutter, who needs a soap cutter!" Well, doesn't everyone have a soap cutter on their kitchen table! (Tho I really ought to call it my soap room, because it doesn't really resemble a kitchen anymore!)
Pansy Limes - Indiana
Testimonial By: Pansy Limes

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