Inside Dimensions


Inside Dimensions


Inside Dimensions

12 1/2"

10 1/2"

12 "




Includes ONE Mold with Base and ONE Grid Cutter

This mold will make 15 logs at 3 ½" X 2 ½" X 12" long, if filled to capacity. It can be used for smaller batches ( suggest no less than 25# ). The logs will just be shorter. Bars are 3 ½ " X 2 ½ " before any trimming.
Maximum number of bars with mold filled to capacity is approximately 180 bars when cut at 1" thick or 240 bars cut at 3/4"

This mold will hold  up to approximately 54 lbs of product. This weight is based on Full Recipe and NOT only oils used.
Included with the QuicklineTM Block Mold are Mylar liner sheets that are precut to fit the sides only of the mold. The base ( or bottom ) of the mold is made with grooves to accept the grid cutter wires.
You will find the Mylar lining system much easier than struggling with paper or plastic.

 **NOTE** 50# Block Mold Sets are at least 8 weeks out!!


Plastic used is Recycled Polyethylene. This plastic is a high density plastic, and is not subject to cracking or breaking under normal use.
Bolts, Washers and Wing nuts, are Metal alloy. (No Aluminum).


The Quickline™ was created for the very reason that it is easy to care for!
All Plastic Parts of the Mold can be washed in the sink, there is no warping or damaged caused by water!
We suggest using a dish washing detergent, and do not use an abrasive scrubbing pad or abrasive cleaners
Plastic pieces can be washed in the TOP RACK of a dishwasher.
We highly suggest hand washing the molds however, as using a dishwasher can void the warranty under certain conditions.

Note: Some dishwashers may have heating elements on the top of the washer. The mold should not be washed in this type of dishwasher, or any dishwasher heating water to over 175°
Do Not allow the mold to be heat dried by the dishwasher.
Washing in a dishwasher may void the warranty

For Storage, we do suggest that the plastic pieces be laid as flat as possible. The mold can be taken apart and laid on any shelf.
You can also store the mold assembled. Do not keep the bolts tightened. It is best to leave them loose.
You can quickly line the mold and store it completely lined and ready to go!

We do not suggest the use of any additional insulation for this mold. The material used does insulate the soap. You may wish to place a piece of freezer wrap or waxed paper over the top of the mold. A light towel over the top of the mold can also be used.
Major Insulation is not needed in most cases.


One Mylar liner system is included with EACH mold. Additional Mylar liner sets are available for purchase if needed.

All Molds come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This Mold has a Full 3 year Limited Warranty

( Mylar liners are not included in warranty.)


Disclaimer: Our cutters are for CP or HP soaps. There may be problems with the cutting wires when cutting Melt & Pour logs because of the density of Melt & Pour.
If you purchase a cutter after 12/01/02 for the purpose of using the cutter for Melt & Pour, we can not accept returns for any reason other than specified in our warrantee.

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