Upland Mini Grid Soap Cutter


This cutting system has been developed as a joint effort between For Crafts Sake and Upland Soap Factory. Designed to accommodate Upland Soap Factory 24  (1 5/8 "x 2 1/4")  bar soap mold. It will allow you to cut 24 bars from the slab neatly with one cut.

The Grid Bar cutter is manufactured using recycled plastic and solid oak with a water resistant catalyzed conversion varnish finish. Cutting wires are stainless steel wires that each have a tightening "key" to adjust tension.

Instructions: Simply place the 24 bar soap slab on the base. Carefully lower the cutter frame over the slab and line up the wires with the grid pattern on the slab. Once aligned, cut down through the soap until the cutter frame stops. The soap will extend above the cutter frame to make it easy to remove the bars. Remove bars before lifting cutter frame from base!

Includes additional set of cutting wires.

30 day Money Back Guarantee is inlcuded.

This cutter has a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Disclaimer: Our cutters are for CP or HP soaps. There may be problems with the cutting wires when cutting Melt & Pour logs because of the density of Melt & Pour. 

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