How to Line Molds



How To Line Your Mold


To use the QuickLine Mold System™ QuickLiner™ you will need a few things

1.   QuickLiner™ 

2.   Wax Paper or Freezer Wrap. (We find Freezer Wrap or Butcher Paper works the best) 

3.   Tape (Cellophane Tape works best, but Masking tape can be used) 

4.   Scissors

Roughly measure out Paper to the Length of the QuickLiner™ and tear off.
Regular Wax paper (Approx. 11.9 Inches wide) fits perfectly around the QuickLiner™
(If using Freezer wrap use the WIDTH of the Freezer wrap and NOT the Length to measure, you will need Approx. 12 Inches to wrap around the QuickLiner™).

Place the QuickLiner™ on TOP of the Wax Paper or Freezer Wrap. Bring the paper up to measure and make sure that it completely covers ONE end of the QuickLiner™
This is so there will be minimal creasing on the bottom of the Soap Log.

Wrap the Wax Paper or Freezer Wrap around the QuickLiner™ and tape. You may tape along the Quickliner™ as much as you think is needed. ONE simple piece of tape in the center works fine! Hint: the liner will be less likely to leak if you begin wrapping the template by placing the paper at an edge of the template corner rather than the center as shown. This also helps to prevent the soap from leaking behind the paper, causing a crease.

I prefer to flip the liner over at this time so that the taped edge of the Wax Paper or Freezer Wrap is on the bottom. This helps to keep the bottom of the log as smooth as possible.
Fold the bottom piece over the end, and wrap like a package, and tape

The liner end should now look like the photo below.
(Folds have been highlighted to show detail.)

Cut the Top of the Wax Paper or Freezer Wrap along the sides, about 1 inch past the QuickLiner™.

Your QuickLiner™ is now ready to Line the QuickLine™ Mold!
(If you would like, you can run your fingers along the sides of the QuickLiner™ to make a good crease in the paper.)

Place the QuickLiner™ with "Packaged" end down, into the QuickLine™ Mold

Fold down the ends of Wax Paper or Freezer Wrap on the top and tape to the mold.
It is best to go UNDER the side bolts as indicated in the picture.


Gently pull the QuickLiner
up and out of the mold. Removing too quickly may cause suction which can cause the liner to pull out with the template.


This entire lining procedure should take approximately 2 minutes or LESS from cutting of the wax paper or freezer wrap to having your mold lined!


Since the Multiple Compartment Molds "Share" a common "Wall" you will need to tape these a bit differently.
On the "Shared" walls, you will do basically the same thing. On the first compartment, you would line and tape it across the shared walls, taping it to the inside of the next compartment.
For each additional compartment, you will want to trim the lining off to about 1 inch above the mold, and tape these to the inside of the next compartment, overlapping the lining in the other compartments.
We have found that this double lining does not affect the Soap Log.

Most of the time you do not need to take the mold completely apart.
Simply loosen the bolts and untape the lining paper. Bring the paper together at the top of the mold and turn the mold on it's side or upside down. The log will slip right out!
If the lining has leaked, you may need to gently tap the sides to loosen the hardened soap.
You can also simply untape the lining and gently pull the log out from the top. This method works best with Freezer Wrap or Butcher Paper, ( waxed paper tends to rip ).
If this fails, the lining has leaked and you will have to take the mold apart

Along with using the QuickLiner™ to even out the top of a thick or hard trace soap batch, you can also gently pick up the mold and tap it on a hard surface to get rid of any air bubbles or pockets.
Many times during the Gel Process, the soap will settle naturally.

The GREAT thing about the Vertical Mold is that you do not have to fill it completely full!
You can make as little as a 1 lb. test batch in these molds!
Once you have lined the mold and poured your soap, cover the end of the QUICKLINER™ with a small piece of Plastic Wrap, or Wax/Freezer Paper.
Place the QuickLiner™ into the mold to even out the soap! You can actually leave the liner template in the mold if you wish.
This method can be used to smooth out the tops of your soaps, even when filling the mold completely, and gently tapping the QuickLiner™ on the top of the soap, can help when you have poured a thicker soap.




Our QuickLine Mold Systems™ were developed over many months of field testing and designing, to create molds that are durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and most importantly, Quick to Line!
Since lining of molds seems to be the ONE thing soapers tend to hate most, we have taken care of the hours of cutting and taping and ending up with a mold that only gives you a log of soap with lots of wrinkles!


Our Vertical molds come with our unique QuickLine System™.
The mold is made from high density recycled polyethylene, which is a very durable material (and also environmentally friendly), which can stand up to the rigors of heat, washings, and all aspects of soap making, without cracking, or warping.
The wood Quickliner, makes lining the molds with wax or freezer paper extremely easy and fast!

Our Log and Slab molds, come with our Mylar Quickliner
TM System.

These mylar sheets are cut to fit the mold, and can stand up to the rigors of many uses.
Simply fit the liners into your mold and pour your soap. Quick and Easy!
For best results we strongly suggest applying petroleum jelly to all of the seams of the mold before inserting the liner sheets. This not only helps prevent any leaking, but will hold the sheets in place as you pour.

These may be the only molds you will ever have to buy!

With our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, and our 3 Year Limited Warranty, your investment is well protected, and you will have many years of use out of our molds!

These molds make a very smooth log. Which means there is very little need for any additional trimming of the soap bars. When using one of our QUICKCUT™ soap cutter, it makes perfect bars!

For detailed information, please click on the photo of the product you are interested in below.

CUSTOM SIZE MOLDS are available! See CUSTOM PRODUCTS for more information and to get a quote.

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